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Contact Us Appreciation Token
Member Only

1 ecu

plus possibly
10 ecus

Beware of
   Ecu Rewards:
Earn 1 ecu for each Contact Us submission or problem report.
Earn 10 ecus more for relevant submissions or reports.


Reward Code: - -

As a Vibary member, when you submit a Contact Us form, a problem report form, or a suggestion form, you have the opportunity to earn a Contact Us Appreciation Token.

Why only 1 ecu?
We would like to give something back to members who genuinely want to help us improve the Vibary Network. However we can only give a token for our appreciation. Giving something more will provide an incentive for resourceful members to game the system by spamming the Contact Us, problem report or suggestion forms in order to replenish their Ecu Chest. Our internal guideline is to look at each and every submission. Irrelevant submissions will hinder our capability to investigate bona-fide concerns.

Please beware of penalty
All submissions will be reviewed by the Vibary staff. If they detect inordinate inane submissions from a member, they can levy penalties against that member. The penalties will be at the discretion of the staff, and are final without recourse for appeals. The penalties will likely wipe out all the Contact Us Appreciation Token ecus and more.

You can be rewarded an additional 10 ecus
The Vibary staff has the discretion to reward the additional ecus for good comments that help the Vibary Network be a better local place, or for original reports of a page error.

Your comments can be good and helpful but will not earn the additional reward, due to many internal guidelines. One common reason is that the suggestions have been rehashed from a number of previous comments. Since you don't know if your comments are original or not, please submit them anyway. You will always earn the 1 ecu appreciation.

You may report on an obvious page error, and still don't earn the additional reward. The error may have been previously reported by a number of members already. There is an unpublished cutoff number where subsequent reports will not earn the additional ecus. Since you don't know if the error has been reported or not, and by how many members, please report it anyway. You will always earn the 1 ecu appreciation.

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