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Member Contact Us Penalty
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on abuse of
Contact Us

   Ecu Penalty:
Your rogue submission or report can make you forfeit 50 ecus.

What is a Rogue Submission or Report?
As a Vibary member, you can submit a Contact Us form, a problem report form, or a suggestion form, and earn the Contact Us Appreciation reward. However if your submission or report is:

  1. spammy with the sole intention of collecting rewards
  2. irrelevant to helping improving the Vibary Network
  3. obscene or threatening to the Vibary staff
  4. against the Vibary Terms of Service and addendums
your submission or report is deemed as rogue.

How is a Rogue Submission or Report detected?
Submissions and reports may go through automatic filters. If the filters detect roguishness, the submissions and reports will be programmatically rejected, and the penalty is automatically imposed.

Submissions and reports that have gone through the filters will be reviewed by the Vibary Staff. If they detect roguishness, they will manually reject the submissions and reports. The manual rejections will also trigger the penalty.

Why the penalty on Rogue Submission or Report?
At the Vibary Network, we appreciate your constructive feedback. This is how we can improve our services and meet your needs better. Since each review of a submission or report takes effort from our part, we would like to concentrate on the constructive feedback only. We hope the penalty will disincentivize the rogue submissions and reports.

What is the consequence of a forfeiture?
Each forfeiture decreases the ecu balance in your Ecu Chest. Once the balance becomes negative, you will lose many benefits, such as publication privileges, as described in the Legal Notices.

Can you contest a forfeiture?
All forfeitures are final. To enforce this finality, our engineers did not build any process for the front-end Vibary staff to reverse a forfeiture.

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