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In downtown Chicago, just step over to the curb and raise your hands to hail a taxi. If you stay in a hotel, just ask the doorman or concierge to hail a cab for you. Elsewhere in the city of Chicago, call a taxi dispatch or make an earlier reservation.

How Much Does A Taxi Fare Cost in Chicago?

You come to O'Hare airport and are looking for a taxi to go to downtown Chicago. You are in downtown Chicago and hail a cab to go to another destination. As you are about to step into the cab, you wonder - how much my fare will be? Use Taxi FareFinder to estimate your fare. Once you arrive, you get the fare. To help you figure out all the itemized items, the City of Chicago has this Taxicab Placard information.
Last update: 07/26/13
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Where To Call A Chicago Taxi?

Taxis in Chicago must display a city medallion. Below are the taxicab companies with such medallions. Before calling them, you can read their ratings on RateLocal, Yelp, or the Vibary FingerWalk Directory:

Company NameDispatch #Taxi ColorAccessibility
5 Star Taxi773-561-4444White
24 Seven Taxi773-944-0350Blue
Ace Cab Association773-381-8000White
American United Taxi773-248-7600White, Stars, Stripes
Blue Diamond Taxi312-226-8880Blue/yellowWCA, TAP
Blue Ribbon Association773-878-5400Blue, White, Stripes
Checker Taxi Affiliation312-243-2537Cream, GreenWCA, TAP
Chicago Carriage Cab312-326-2221Maroon, Blue, Stripes
Choice Taxi Association773-338-9502Gray, White
City Service Taxi Association773-907-0909White
Dispatch Taxi Association773-685-2900Orange, Blue
Flash Cab773-561-4444White
Globe Taxi Association773-725-6500White
Gold Coast Taxi Association773-271-0163Gold
King Drive Cab Affiliation733-488-9488Red, Cream
Koam Taxi Association773-973-3535Blue, White
Metro Jet Cab Association773-784-5669White
Peace Taxi Association773-274-1346Blue, White
Royal Three CCC Cab Co312-326-2221Maroon, Gold, Stripes
Service Taxi Association773-262-2163Silver
Sun Taxi Association773-736-3399Blue, White
Top Cab Corp773-286-4400White
Yellow Cab Chicago312-829-4222YellowWCA, TAP

Last update: 08/25/13
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Do You Need A Wheel Chair Accessible Cabs?

Do you need a wheelchair accessible (WCA) taxicab? The City of Chicago has a toll-free number for you to call, 1-855-WAV-1010. You can also call direct the dispatch number of the taxi companies and specify your special needs. The Accessibility column in the table above has links to many taxi companies' accessiblity offers. Many taxis also accept PACE paratransit Taxi Access Program (TAP) for people with disabilities.
Last update: 07/29/13
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Are You Happy With Your Chicago Taxi Experience?

Do you have an awful experience with your taxi ride? Write down the taxicab number and register a complaint to the City of Chicago Consumer Cab Complaint. Or just call 3-1-1.

You can seek a remedy to a bad experience by directly contacting the taxi companies. The first column in the list of taxi companies has a link where you can find the phone numbers of their business office. Most companies emphasize customer satisfaction and will try to resolve any issue you have.

Do you have a good or great experience? Besides the tip to the driver, give the taxicab companies an online review. Do it via RateLocal, Yelp, or the Vibary very own FingerWalk Directory where you can earn ecu points. Download one of the taxi apps and do it on the spot with your smartphone.

Last update: 07/27/13
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Chicago Water Taxis
Chicago is one of the few cities in the U.S that has a running fleet of water taxis. Daily commuters take water taxis from Union Station and get out at multiple stops along the Chicago River all the way to Navy Pier.
-- From Web Digests
Last update: 07/27/13
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Find A Taxi with Mobile Apps

Many taxi companies in the Chicago metro uses the Taxi Magic app for mobile reservation. Download this app and find other apps that can help you hail a taxi on Apple iPhone iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. If you are really curious, search all the apps.

-- From Sweepey Search Topics
Last update: 08/18/13
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