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Listing Removal Ecu Reward
Member Only

ecus back

   Ecu Rewards:
Remove your own public listings, and earn the listing ecus back.

After becoming a Vibary member, you can apply for the Community level which allows you to create public listings on the Vibary Network for all to view. To prevent spam and frivolous listings, public listings require the spending of some ecus from your Ecu Chest. These ecus will be returned to you whenever the listings are removed in good standing.

How are the listings removed?
When you create the public listings, you can indicate how long they will run. When that time comes, Sweepey (the Vibary Network listing engine) automatically deletes the listings and returns the ecus to you. You can also withdraw the listings any time before the end date to reclaim the ecus. For the listings that you can list "Until Canceled", Sweepey will not delete your listings. You will have to specifically withdraw them to reclaim the listing ecus.
What do you mean by listings in good standing?
Listings that adhere to the terms of usage of the listing service are in good standing. The Vibary Network reserves the right to void any listings that do not adhere to those terms. For example, if a business lists a private party Classified Ads reserved for Vibary members in order to bypass the VIP listing fee, its listing will be voided. Ecus for listings not in good standing will not be returned to the offending members. In fact, penalties will be levied against their Ecu Chest.
What listings can I remove?
Please sign in as a Vibary member, and go to the Order List of:
Web Deals:
All Stores

12/07: Amazon.com - Special Deals at Amazon.com
12/07: CarsDirect.com - Special Deals at CarsDirect.com
12/07: CruiseDirect - Special Deals at CruiseDirect
12/07: LuxeDH - Special Deals at LuxeDH
12/07: Staples - Special Deals at Staples
12/07: Walgreens - Special Deals at Walgreens

Office Depot and OfficeMax - Special Deals at Office Depot and OfficeMax
4seating.com - Special Deals at 4seating.com

more deals...