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The Ecu-A-Day Program
Member Only


   Ecu Rewards:
Click "Ecu-A-Day" every day, and earn .
How can I earn ecus?
This activity is one of the easiest to earn ecus. Every day, you can sign in to your My Vibary page, find the "Ecu-A-Day" link, and just click on it. Your ecu chest will receive , and you will be brought anonymously to a Vibary sponsors' page.
What's good about a Vibary sponsors' page?
Vibary sponsors allow us to offer the services of the Vibary Network free to you. While we hope you will take advantage of the Vibary sponsors' various offers, there is no obligation for you to do so. If you do, you will not earn more ecus from the Ecu-A-Day program. We may collect general statistics for reporting to our sponsors; none of that information is traceable to you.
Can I earn this reward multiple times?
If you click on the "Ecu-A-Day" link more than once a day, you will be brought to the Vibary sponsors' page, but you will not earn any additional ecus.
What's Next?
Are you a Vibary Member? Click here for your Ecu-A-Day reward.
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