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Community Membership Ecu Reward
Member Only


   Ecu Rewards:
Upgrade to Community Membership Level, and earn 100 ecus.

Please submit via My Vibary

How can I earn this reward?
When you register for Vibary Membership, you will be at a Personal Level. A Personal Membership is for your own convenience. You can save listings throughout the Vibary Network into your personal portfolios for quick retrieval. You can also publish on the Vibary Network, but only for your personal viewing, such as personal events into your online calendar.

From Personal Level, you can request to become a Community Level member. A Community Membership lets you go beyond the convenience of personal membership to reach out to other viewers and members on the Vibary Network. You can publish for everybody's viewing, such as your classified ads or your reviews. You can also voucher the submissions of other community members.

Since a Community member has the potential to enrich the Vibary Network, we set up this reward as our token of appreciation.

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