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Calendar Events

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   Ecu Rewards:
Use your ecus to create Public Calendar Events.

With Calendar Events, you can use your ecus to create Public Calendar Events, viewable by all visitors to the Vibary Network.

Why Public Events
You may have these Private Events:

  1. Anniversary
  2. Appointment
  3. Award
  4. Birthday
  5. Engagement
  6. Funeral
  7. Graduation
  8. Wedding
that you want others in the community to know about. Or you may have these actual community events:
  1. Fundraising - car wash, lemonade stand, bake sale, tree sale
  2. Open House - (use BazAh! Classifieds to list your home)
  3. Party - block party, home party, social event
  4. Reunion - school, work, ethnicity
  5. Show - street performance, release date
  6. Yard/Garage Sale - (use BazAh! Classifieds to list items on sale)
As a Vibary member, you can use the Public Calendar Event feature to list them. Your listings will be indexed and included in search results along with Calendar Event listings by businesses and local merchants.

Who can create
You must first register for a Vibary membership, then apply for the additional Community Level. Your default Vibary membership level is Personal Level which allows you to create Personal Calendar Events only, not Public Calendar Events.

Why ecus?
Your Ecu Chest must have enough ecus to cover your Public Calendar Events listings. Each listing requires 5 ecus. There are several ways for you to earn ecus.

We want Public Calendar Events to be free for you. When your listing expires or is withdrawn by you, 5 ecus will be credited back to your Ecu Chest.

The Public Calendar Events feature is a perquisite of Vibary members who have contributed to the Vibary site. The more you have contributed, the more ecus you earn, allowing you to use them for member-only features, such as Public Calendar Events. You also help maintaining your local Vibary site's freshness by setting expiry or withdrawing out-of-date events, and reclaim the listing ecus.

Who is responsible?
You are responsible for the events that you create. (The Personal Events are for your viewing only and you are free to enter whatever you want.) The Public Calendar Events are viewed by the whole community, and must adhere to the Vibary Terms of Usage. Your Public Calendar Event listings can also be reported by any Vibary user and reviewed by other Vibary members.

If your listing is flagged for violation of the Terms of Usage, it may be investigated. If the investigation results in your listing being voided, your listing ecus will be forfeited. Due to the cost of the investigation, you may be further penalized.

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