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Member Review Reward
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10 ecus

for a first-time
review with
150 characters

Beware of
   Ecu Rewards:
Write a 150-character-minimum first-time review, and earn 10 ecus.

What is a Review?
A review allows you to state your opinion. Your review can be read by the general public, or in some restricted cases, by registered Vibary members only.

You can write a review in a Listing Forum or a Custom Forum.

Why Review In A Listing Forum?
When you come upon a listing on the Vibary Network, you may want to write a review to share your experience, knowledge, or just your opinion about this listing. You will help your community, both the consumers who would like to know more about the listing before taking an action, and the local business who has created the listing.

If you like something about the listing, please put some positive notes in your review. This will encourage the local business to do more of what interests the community. If you find something underwhelming in the listing, please include some negative notes in your review. This will help the local business to fine tune its offer to better benefit the community.

Why Review In A Custom Forum?
A local business may have one or more custom forums, in addition to its listings. The local business have the custom forums to collect feedback on certain topics such as regarding its service, products, locations or employees. It can also have a custom forum as an online suggestion box, too.

Your reviews in the custom forums will help the local businesses get the pulse of the community. This will allow them to adjust their listings to better serve the community.

What about the Reward?
When you write a 150-character-minimum review the first time about a listing in a Listing Forum or a topic in a Custom Forum, you will earn 10 ecus.

You can write less than 150 characters, but you will not earn the reward. The reward is our appreciation of your helping the community with your opinion. A review too short may not be able to fully express an opinion.

Once you have reviewed a listing or a topic, you can contribute additional review postings in the same listing or topic, especially when your first-time posting generates an online conversation with other Vibary members or with the local business owner. The subsequent postings will not earn you the reward.

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