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The Chicagoland Vibary Network is the place for everything local in the Chicago metropolitan area. As a consumer user, you come to the Vibary Network to find the marvelous big and little tiny local things from the listings posted by the local businesses, organizations, and other consumer users. More and more businesses and organizations are using the Vibary local search and listing platform to post their unique things to local consumers; and more and more local consumer users like you are coming to various Vibary localized sites to search for the unique things the local entities offer.

Naturally not everything is posted directly through the Vibary platform. Whenever we find something interesting on the infinite World Wide Web that relates to Chicagoland and the neighborhoods you live in, we will bring it into the Vibary Network, index and catalog it for you to discover either through a purposeful search or a serendipitous browsing. Many of such interesting things are suggested to us by your fellow consumer users; and we hope we will receive your suggestions as well.

We use this Vibary Information Provider (VIP) account to post those courtesy listings to make the Vibary Network as the place "where everything local should be". 

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